Never Stop When You Are Tired! Only Stop When You Are Done! ⚡🔥

๐Ÿ€ It’s basketball impromptu night after my work ended today! It’s exhausting and satisfying and it’s another excellent way to spend my mid-week apart from spending it with my beloved girlfriend.

Some of you may be wondering, isn’t work tiring enough? Yes of course it is and work will always be tiring but we don’t stop when we are tired. We stop when we are done for the day. Hustling never stops!

The more you hustle even when you’re tired, the more your body will get accustomed to this fatigue and slowly but surely, you will never feel as tired as before. It’s a way to train our muscle memory of our body, not to feel tired after work everyday.

Work is indeed draining our energy but doing things you love will help to replenish that energy, even if it means by sweating it out playing a sport that you love and have passion about. It’s all about dedicating to yourself, for a better future!

Inspired by the late Kobe Bryant, he works extremely hard, going the extra miles to reach the top of his game, every game. Never once he complained that he’s tired and he never stopped training! Keep hustling like you never did the day before.

You’re half way through the week, let’s keep moving forward! A few more days till our Personal Development weekends, make everyday counts!

Never stop when you are tired, for all you know, the goal is just in front of you.

Perry Soh