A Beautiful Day Spent With Family!


❤️ A day off from the amazing work week and the best way to spend it is with my Family and my beautiful girlfriend. Nothing can replace them in my heart. The view at Marina Barrage was so beautiful and mesmerizing, the breeze and everything. Most importantly, it’s who you choose to spend it with.

Never neglect your loved ones, especially when you have tons of work to do, NEVER! Each day, our dearest parents are aging without us knowing and the only thing that we can do to keep them happy, is by giving our love to them every single day without fail. From messaging to a simple dinner at home.

A simple gesture from your heart to them will absolutely make them happy. Nobody can replace your Family. One day all of us are going to have our own family and eventually we will know the importance of being there for each and everyone of them.

Yet, today marks the end of my days of eating and feeding unhealthy and junk food to my tummy. Tomorrow will be the first day of this 100-Day Diet Challenge issued by my girlfriend. Let’s crush this challenge and see how much I can slim down to!

Have a good weekend and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Family comes first.

Perry Soh