Diet Challenge Day 2/100!

Day 2/100 of my Diet Challenge and I’m already feeling the toughness of slimming down. Getting plump is easy but going back to lean and fit is extremely difficult. Nothing easy is worth it right?

How is everyone’s Personal Development and weekends? Let me hear it, it’s awesome isn’t it? YES! The weekends are awesome when you get to spend almost everyday of the weekends with your Family, girlfriend and of course, Personal Development!

It has become a weekly affair that we will head out for exercise every Sunday to burn some fats off our body, get some Vitamin D from the Sun and to go around taking beautiful photos of nature and the scenery.

This is a very good way to relax our mind and to prepare ourselves for the upcoming hectic/hideous week ahead. Nothing will stand in our way as long as we are prepared mentally! Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude will lead us to having Positive Results. If it doesn’t it’s a valuable lesson learnt!

I’m so thankful for my brother for always taking beautiful photos of my girlfriend and I and should you ladies and gentlemen be interested in his Photo-works, visit him @ Victor Soh!

I’m also thankful for my girlfriend for always sending me information on Chinese Medicinal Herbs and always sharing her knowledge on her field of expertise, which is why I’m taking on her Diet Challenge to prove that her challenge is one good way of slimming down healthily! For more information, please visit my girlfriend’s website, Meisya’s Yoga & TCM!

The weekends are almost over and that means we have to head over to set our weekly goals and to move steps closer to our goals! Have a good rest and have a wonderful week ahead!

Cook nice food for your loved ones and she/they will love for you for live.

Perry Soh