The More Challenging It Becomes, The Stronger You Gets! 💪🏼

🏀 Day 3/100 of my Diet Challenge and it’s getting tougher as the time passes by. The smell of good vegetarian food is simply irresistible and that’s where the real challenge begins! It’s about how I be determined myself to stay true to the diet.

A splendid way to start my day off is with refreshing Apple + Carrot Juice. Surprisingly it can last me till my lunch time and I did not feel a bit hungry at all! The best part is I’m full of energy afterwards.

Everyday is about being and staying positive and it’s about maintaining positive energy at the top level possible. Attending a meeting is never enjoyable without my colleague and my boss. They made the meeting a knowledge sharing session and I’ve learnt even more things during a single meeting session.

It’s getting more challenging for me but along the way, I definitely can feel that I’m growing, psychologically and mentally. That’s how we get stronger every day, facing different challenges and overcoming it.

The tough days have yet to come! Let’s keep ourselves reminded each day that we are who we are, the more challenges given to us, the stronger we get and most importantly, never give up!

Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Never ever have the thoughts of giving up on something that you really need.

Perry Soh