Double Your Hustle! 🔥🔥


Day 4/100 of my diet challenge and with my big appetite, this is absolutely tough for me but as the day goes by with all the basketball and exercising sessions, I feel stronger and stronger each day.

To be extremely fit and extraordinary, just hustling is never enough! I am who I am today because of my very own brother, guiding me and teaching me along the way with his experience in life. He has seen things way earlier than I did and the best things that we do to each other, is learning from each other.

Being there for each other plays a big part of our live, we shared our goals and even wanted to start doing things together. Being his younger brother means his world to him and having an older brother like him, I have no regrets coming to this world.

Even though I kept trying to persuade him to workout with me and achieve solid rock packs, we ended up eating together but one day I believe, he will come to me and ask me out for a workout session together. That means I have to double my hustle to reach that level that will convince him to join me!

Doubling your hustle applies in every aspect of your lives! How hard or how badly you want it or you need it, depends on you. Have the tenacity to go for something that is almost out of bounds and legally of course.

Never give up, never stop when you’re tired and with you doubling your hustle, you will reach your end goals! No matter how slowly you progress, it’s still progression!

Double your hustle and everything else will be doubled back to you! Have a good mid-week rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Double your hustle, double your efforts, double your everything.

Perry Soh