Find Your Source of Happiness! ✌🏼


❤️ Happiness is always the key to having more wealth, better health and more love. The more sources you find to build your own happiness, naturally love, wealth and health will find you along the way. Not only that, people around you starts to feel happy too!

DAY 5/100 of my Diet Challenge!

My sources of happiness has always been my family, basketball and of course my beautiful girlfriend. Every time when I see my girlfriend, my mood immediately becomes better, my day becomes brighter and I become more positive than I was before.

There was once I told her, how about let’s just focus on building up on our happiness and she agreed to it. The happier we are, the less conflicts we have. The less conflicts we have, the more the love we have for each other.

It’s a chain process, being happy leads to another thing, yet another and another. Each things will be better than the previous when you are happy!

Just recently I became more enthusiastic and passionate about basketball and this week I have already played 3/5 days of basketball. Not to mention, every session is extremely intense, especially today’s last game. All of us are working on training our fundamentals and I must say, our defense is on point today! Kudos to my team mates!

Got to prepare for a presentation tomorrow, please stay safe and healthy! Don’t forget to be positive and productive but most importantly, be happy!

Be so happy that when people see you, they feel happy too!

Perry Soh