Practice, Practice and Practice!

Day 6/100 of my Diet Challenge and still going through it strong! Presentation today was a success and definitely there’s a lot of room for improvement. To be good in anything, it’s all about practice, practice and more practice.

Every master was once a novice or a beginner too. It’s through tons of practice, endless practices that they get to where they are. Practice makes perfect and when you’re at your perfection, practice makes perfect beyond perfect!

Everything that require practices are so tough and challenging but what’s there to fret about? The more you practice, the better you get at doing what you are already good at. Never stop improving and never stop learning! The moment you stop learning or practicing, you have lost your own battle.

No matter how people look down on you, saying how it’s impossible to be a master of your own league, or a legend, prove all of them wrong! Nothing can defeat you except your own ego and yourself!

There’s no such things as “I can’t do it because I’m bad at something”. It’s only our mindset that limits us! The more you think you can do it, the more you will do it. Let’s not stop here!

It’s just another day till the weekends! Why not give it all you’ve got and end the week feeling so satisfied? YES JUST DO IT! Nothing is impossible with tons of practices! Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Practice and practice to break your own limits and become your own version of a legend.

Perry Soh