Splendid Start!

Day 7/100 of my Diet Challenge and another great basketball session to end my hectic week and to start my blessed weekends! I can literally feel that I am growing stronger and stronger every time I play intensive basketball!

The time passed by so quickly yesterday that all of us felt that we didn’t play enough and we were hoping that there are basketball courts that open throughout the night. I still feel satisfied! After basketball we went for a quick supper but ended up talking till late night and didn’t even realize that it was already 2AM.

It’s a splendid catch up session and really talking about how to go about improving basketball fundamentals, offense and defense. It’s all about hustle, hustle and hustle! The more tired I feel and the more exhausted I feel, the stronger I become.

Let’s have a fun weekend ahead and make the best out of it! I’ll see everyone in my next post tonight! Let’s dig deep into Personal Development!

Start the week good, end the week awesome!

Perry Soh