Happy Birthday Singapore! I’m so happy to be celebrating this day with my loved ones, enjoying together and laughing together! For sure, I’m another step closer to one of my goals!

How was everyone’s weekend so far? It has got to be awesome! As the time keeps ticking, it’s up to us to make it meaningful and positive as always! Nonetheless, weekends are always for Personal Development and Family Time.

It’s important to take care of the elderly at home because they spent almost their whole life raising us up to who we are today! Fulfill your role on Filial Piety. It’s our turn to take care of our elderly and to give them our unconditional love!

It hurts me every time when I see them unable to do the things they like because they don’t have the energy like before. I am extremely thankful for them, if not for who they are, I won’t be who I am here today.

A big big shout out to my family that raised me up till who I am today and I am really really thankful that you guys are here to go through some of my biggest milestones in life! I love you all!

A special thank you to my girlfriend for making it this far together with me! We are another step closer to one of our goals! Let’s keep working hard, motivating and supporting each other! I love you baby!

It’s time to head to sack as tomorrow it’ll be an extremely early start to the last day of the weekends! Stay safe, be safe and don’t forget to be positive!


Perry Soh