Climbing To The Top!

Day 10/100 of my Diet Challenge and today I’ve learnt a valuable lesson during my walk and hike from Mount Faber to Henderson Waves, Hort Park and back. It was an amazing and meaningful walk with my girlfriend, brother and sister-in-law!

While walking towards Hort Park, it was very easy and relaxing because it’s mostly down hill and down hill but the difficult part has yet to begin. We stopped by Henderson Waves and took tons of beautiful and funny photos!

We then move on to Telok Blangah Hill and to Hort Park, the walk was relaxing and Hort Park is as beautiful as usual! Here comes the difficult part of the walk. Walking back is all the way up hill and up hill and because of this I learnt a valuable lesson.

When you start lowering your level, life gets easier, just like how we went down hill. However, when you raise your level and game, life gets tougher and that is how you know you are leveling up. Raising your standards will make life tougher, but it will make it more meaningful as well.

Going up hill was really tough but we never did give up! The more pain we feel, the tougher we get and the stronger we get! With that positive mindset, we conquered and walked a total of 10KM together.

The weekend has come to an end beautifully and it’s time to conquer another week ahead! Never give up when life gets tough! Fighting! Climb to the top and be at the top!

Tough times don’t last, you do.

Perry Soh