Never Stop Giving Hard Work!

There’s nothing greater compared to 100% efforts and hard work given to each task assigned. Sometimes I ask myself, how do I get out of holiday mood and get back into full focus mode? It’s a difficult thing to do I have to agree and we have to do it eventually!

Here are 2 tips on how I get myself to focus again as soon as I can.

Constant Reminders

Reminding ourselves is essential for us to focus when we are assigned to several tasks. It’s very natural for us to have some of it slipped out of our minds and that will cause our productivity to be lowered.

Make full use of your phones and set constant reminders on the task you have to fulfill, phones can be useful to yourself and it’s also a platform to help you to reach your goals too!

Keep Your Phone Away From You

Keeping my phone away helped me in focusing on my tasks and giving my 120% efforts. Our phones are in the smart generation now and due to that, we are often engaged in social media which can be a form of distraction, unless your work is always on social media.

Social media normally takes up most of our time that we are supposed to work and be productive, so when I’m really focused, I will silent up my phone and put it either in my bag or let it face down so I won’t be distracted by the notifications.

Only during my breaks, I will take a quick look.

Let’s keep yourself busy for the right things, things that make you grow, learn and eventually bring you one step closer to your goals! Set reminders and keep your devices away from you when you’re focusing on work and remember to take breaks to relax your minds!

Had an awesome and blessed dinner with my family tonight at Aperia Mall’s Nature Cafe! Awesome times together! I love you family! ❤️ Have a good rest tonight and I’ll see everyone in the next post!

Remind yourself constantly, you are the only one that can achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Perry Soh