Nothing Is Really Impossible!

Day 12/100 of my Diet Challenge! Today is the day that I have to make a presentation in the evening but this morning, I received an text that my slot have been pushed forward to 2PM as requested by the clients. My heart started beating faster and all of the negative thoughts came in to my mind.

“Can I really do it?”, “I don’t think I can make it happen”. The time came and when I was in the conference room, I was literally shaking and never felt cold chills down my spine ever since my school’s FYP presentation.

However, there’s one thing that pulled me from this negative situation and changed my mindset. It’s my girlfriend’s support and love! She held trust and had faith in me that I can complete it without any troubles and yes! I did it! The presentation went very smoothly and it was way better than I expected. This is truly an eye opening experience that is worth going through!

Special thank you to my beautiful girlfriend for giving me the encouragement and endless support! Nothing is really impossible, everything can be done and completed with a calm and positive mindset!

To do something impossible is to tell yourself first, “I’m Possible!”. With a positive mindset, we can get through anything and everything! Don’t give up in your dreams!

Have a good mid-week everyone! We are halfway through the week and let’s make it another best week! I’ll see everyone in my next post! FOCUS!

To do the impossible, remind yourself, “I’m possible!”.

Perry Soh