Another Milestone Achieved!


Day 13/100 of my Diet Challenge! Today is another day to commemorate for me because I am finally done with my degree and collected my Degree Certificate! No words can describe how happy I felt when I collected it.

It’s a milestone that I have never thought I will achieve because everything just seems so difficult at first glance. However, the more I get into it, the more I realized it’s actually not that difficult thanks to the support I have from the people around me and my girlfriend of course.

Nevertheless, I never gave up on myself and kept on going, kept trying and because I am a slow learner, I have to wake up 5AM in the morning everyday just to study for my exams. I’m not smart like anyone else but I believe through hard work and consistency, I will make it to the end!

It applies to our lives as well, when we are faced with setbacks, we just have to be determine and persevere to the end, only those that didn’t give up will reach the end goal. Those that give up, will go back to the starting point and repeating the entire process.

If it’s tough, it’s worth doing. If it’s too easy, level up your game! Just another day more to Personal Development weekends and let’s make the best out of it! My girlfriend and I made the things we need currently happen, so can you! Never Give Up!

Appreciate the people around you, they will be your best pillar of support.

Perry Soh