Cheers To A Fulfilled Week!

Day 13/100 of my Diet Challenge and I’m so proud to say that I am going strong! Getting used to the reduction of food consumption despite feeling hungry at times. I can definitely feel a difference within my body!

A real busy week is gone just like that and it’s so fulfilling! Though I’m extremely busy with new projects, I feel extremely satisfied, going through my first presentation, collecting my Degree Certificate and ending the week extremely positive and productive!

However, I do have something to point out especially to those drivers out there on the road. Always slow down whenever there’s heavy traffic!!! I just witnessed an accident that happened right in front of my very own eyes while I was heading to pick my girlfriend up from work. Thankfully there were no injuries or casualties!

Think about yourself, your family and your loved ones! Don’t drive dangerously or speed just to get to your destination faster but at the same time jeopardizing your life.

It’s time to get into Personal Development although I’m exhausted but we will only stop when we are? DONE! We will never stop when we are tired! Have a good weekends everyone!

Drive safely, your live is more important.

Perry Soh