One Step Closer To Our Dreams!

Day 15 / 100 of my Diet Challenge! I’m also very excited because my girlfriend and I are another step closer to our dreams! Through hard work and dedication, dreams do come true!

Never give up on your dreams no matter how tough it is! Right now my weight is 89.8KG and my ideal weight is 70KG. Sounds extremely difficult right? Almost impossible right? Nothing is impossible as long as we keep trying and staying dedicated! It’s all in our mindset!

So every now and then during the weekends, I will always whip up some delicious yet healthy food for my family and on the menu today is Spinach Noodles!

It looked weird at first but it tasted delicious! Not everything have to be bland or tasteless to be healthy! Likewise in life, not everything bad means it’ll be bad! Some bad things happen for you to realize that you are the only one that can make something good out of it!

It happens for you! So never give up on your dreams and keep working so hard that you are always at the top! Have a lovely weekends everyone!

Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life!

Perry Soh