Love Comes In Any Form!


Day 16/100 of my Diet Challenge and yet today is the day I feel that I am being at my laziest self! With my leg injured, I can’t do any strenuous exercises and activities! That said, I realized love comes in any form, not just holding hands, hugging or kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend.

My girlfriend loves me in a way that really melts me deep down. Knowing I can’t do any strenuous exercises, she accompanied me to do some static exercises that won’t put strains on my leg and helped me massage my leg afterwards. She is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician and her massages is really comfortable.

Love comes in any form, even when it’s a simple act of caring. Simple gestures from your loved one is also a sign of love. Not necessarily it must be holding hands, hugging or kissing. Love always comes as a surprise!

Always care for your loved ones like how they cared for you because with your love, even their lowest times or darkest days will be so much brighter! Always reserve Sundays to go back to your parents’ crib and have dinner together! They never did forget about us and we should never ever forget about them!

They sacrificed to raise us up to who we are today and if you’re thinking that they can always do it on their own, you need to wake up your idea. As we grow older, our parents are too, growing. Do your part as a filial son or daughter, give our parents the best like how they did give us, that’s us giving our love for them!

Let’s start another week off strong and never forget to keep being positive and always aim to be at the most productive every day! Be happy and share your happiness!

To share your happiness, be happy first.

Perry Soh