How To Stop Being Nervous!


Day 17/100 of my Diet Challenge! I have been trying out ways to stop being nervous at literally anything and I found a few ways that I can make myself calm! It is absolutely essential to helping me in doing anything that I have never done before!

Take Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths will help you calm your mind and most importantly it brings you back to your focus, which is to ace whatever that is in front of you.

Plan Your Schedule Ahead

When you’re planning your schedule ahead of the time, you are actually getting prepared for the task. You are in fact telling your mind that at which time frame, what is going to happen and what you will be doing.

So planning your schedule ahead will give prepare you mentally and get your readiness level even higher than it used to be.

Be Familiar

Once you know your stuff well, the chances of you getting nervous is relatively low. It is because you know how and what to answer and that will never get you nervous. Learn to know your stuff well and eventually, nothing will become an issue for you!

That is how and what I did every time I have to do something new, research and research till I’m confident enough to answer. If you are unsure of anything, ask questions! No questions are stupid questions!

Tomorrow is a big day for me and I am really excited! Have a good rest everyone! I’ll see everyone in my next post! If you ever feel nervous, do the above!

If unsure, always ask questions. You don’t want to be a fool for a life-time.

Perry Soh