Happy, Happier, Happiest!


Day 19/100 of my Diet Challenge! Welcome back everyone! I was so happy and exhausted yesterday that I didn’t have the energy left to write any post and yesterday was absolutely amazing! It’s my girlfriend’s birthday and I’m glad I made it so memorable for the both of us!

I gave her surprises along the day and I told her to hold her tears as much as she could. Met up with my beloved brother and sister-in-law in the morning for breakfast as they are my photographer and videographer for the day. We headed to collect a bouquet of 12 roses from Freeman Florist and then off we go to fetch the beautiful lady from her house.

The sky was not as clear but it was definitely a windy day. Here’s her first surprise, the flowers! She didn’t know that I was getting her flowers and yes first surprise was a success! Off we went to Singapore Botanic Gardens.

We took beautiful photos there and the orchids were really beautiful! That’s where her second and third surprise came! I passed her the e-Birthday cards that I hand written for her and then I proposed to her. That moment, my heart was beating so fast!


We are officially engaged! This was the most memorable thing and the happiest thing that happened to the both of us! Special thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for all the help and especially in all the planning to making it happen!

The last surprise that I had planned out for her was the celebration with my family. I kept her in the suspense telling her that the last surprise is at my house and she was feeling nervous at that time. When we started singing the birthday song, she could no longer hold her tears back and I’m glad she loved the entire day planned out for her!

I love you so much and I promise to always be by your side! With happiness, indeed love comes and I believe wealth is already on the way! Keep believing and working so hard! Eventually, everything that belonged to us will fall in place! Keep believing!

Learn to be happy and be a legend.

Perry Soh