Bigger, Faster, Stronger!

Day 21/100 of my Diet Challenge! We are back to the lovely weekends again and it’s time for another full focus on Personal Development!

Going on a diet challenge isn’t as easy as anyone thought it is and it requires absolute dedication and determination to go through it. The most challenging part is of course, the diet. What I had to eat everyday had to change and at the beginning it was tough.

All of these is for myself to be bigger, faster and stronger. Most importantly, I will become so much healthier and fitter! Special thanks to my fiancee for putting in effort in planning and allowing me to be her first client to try out her plan!

In addition to this diet, I’m allowed to do my own workouts and sports and the only cheat day is on Sundays. 6 days of hard work and a day of rest isn’t too much to ask for! Let’s make a rock solid body happen!

Since we are at the end of the week, let’s do a personal reflection journal about the week that just passed by. Reflect and learn from the mistakes and be the better self from tomorrow onwards!

Have a good rest and I’ll see everyone in my next post! To achieve anything in life, we need to be dedicated and determined! Let’s go!

Train till you’re bigger, faster and stronger.

Perry Soh