Self-Motivation Is The Best Motivation!

Day 25/100 of my Diet Challenge! Nothing beats a day that you brought yourself to the top of your league and the motivation level is at the peak! The best kinds of motivation I find are self motivations!

Whenever someone is feeling down, feeling low or feeling that the day is not right for them. Subconsciously they will start thinking to themselves, what could they have done to prevent anything from happening or what could be done to make the day better.

Often people doesn’t realize that the actual people that are motivating them is themselves! Advises are taken from others, suggestions and opinions are also from others. What really kept one person going is the thoughts within their mind. Whenever someone mentions one shouldn’t do this or that, in within that person’s mind, conversations have already started.

They will think to themselves, “yeah maybe this isn’t the way I was suppose to do it” and somehow, motivation starts kicking in! You see, suggestions, advises and opinions aren’t really the fire starters of your motivation. Their encouragement ignite your thoughts and the real fire starters of your motivation, is your thoughts!

Whatever you think is whatever you will do! Keep telling yourself you can do it, eventually you can do it without a doubt! Don’t depend on someone else to be motivated, depend on yourself, motivate yourself and in no time, you will be motivating yourself every now and then!

Keep believing, keep the thoughts positive and everything will be better! Stay safe and stay positive and I’ll see everyone in my next post!

Self-Motivation begins with a simple positive thought.

Perry Soh