Create A Legacy!

Day 27/100 of my Diet Challenge! Now that there are more responsibilities on my shoulder, there won’t be any time for me to procrastinate and laze around. What I have to focus now and the most crucial thing to do, is to create a legacy for myself!

To attain financial freedom in the future, what we have to do now is to get out of our comfort zone, keep working to gain experience that we have never had before and to furnish and polish our skills to be the top of our own field.

These little habits that we practice everyday will portray who we will be in the future and it will definitely show through all the hard work and discomfort. Good things happen to those who wait but better things happen to those who take actions. Nothing good will happen if we are just talks.

At some point in time, I often thought to myself, why bother creating a legacy when we can have all the time living the comfortable life and just laze around. It struck me when I realized that down the Road of Success, lazing around and living a comfortable life will always bring me back to the same spot.

To move forward, I have got to do the things that I have never done before, getting myself out of my own comfort and sweet zone, breaking through every limits possible! No matter how tough or challenging it is, physically or mentally, I will never give up on my dreams and most importantly, I will never give up on myself.

Being lazy is a matter of choice, we can choose not to be lazy and that will only bring you to poverty. While others are working so hard doing as much as they can to attain financial freedom, you’re here doing nothing and expecting to be successful.

Create a legacy and be a legend for yourself first. At the same time, do not neglect the people around you especially your aging parents and family. In a few months’ time, I will be stepping into a brand new chapter of my life and I’m reminding myself everyday to steep up to my highest level and to give it all that I’ve got in whatever I’m doing!

Our mindset is all that matters and with just a simple thought, it can either makes you or breaks you. The choice is ours! Take one step at a time and never rush through things. Let’s create our own legacy together!

Create a legacy and be a legend for yourself.

Perry Soh