The Week Isn’t Over!

Day 28/100 of my Diet Challenge! The week isn’t over until you declare that it is! Do you ever stop here when Friday comes or will you continue working on Personal Development to improve on yourself? The choice is ours to make!

The most successful people doesn’t waste any bits of time doing absolutely nothing. They either read or do anything meaningful to improve themselves, expanding their knowledge base and becoming better who they were the day before.

Doing nothing, lazing is so comfortable and all of us know how it feels to have nothing to do and worry for the day. Some might find it boring but some might find that it’s the perfect time to catch up on sleep. However, have you ever thought that by catching up on sleep, you’re actually wasting that few minutes or hours of time? Instead you could be a few minutes or hours nearer to your goals!

“I can always do it tomorrow, next time or later”. Sometimes, later becomes NEVER. Procrastination is what kills us everyday, shifting the day’s work to another day, snowballing the workload and at the end of the day, it’ll result in us complaining that we have too much workload.

Never procrastinate, finish the things that can be finished and move on to the next, till the day that you have finally achieved what you dreamed of but never stop giving in your very best! Practice good habits instead of being lazy and cozy, it brings us no where!

Had a heart to heart talk with my Fiancee and it gets better every time! Planning for our future is yet another milestone of ours and it is indeed glorious! We are both chasing our dreams together and always motivating, encouraging and supporting each other! Have faith, be happy and everything will start coming to be in the right place!

Have a good weekend, make it good and tell yourself that this will be another best weekend of the year!

My week isn’t over until I declare that it is.

Perry Soh