Surviving The Week!

Day 30/100 of my Diet Challenge! Surviving the work week is never easy and it will never be easy! With the following that I’m about to share, I believe that we can survive through any tough week ahead of us!


The first P is Positive Mindset, your mindset is what determines how your week will go through! No matter how bad your first day of the week is, a solid mindset will change the entire week to be better than your first day.


The second P is Positive Attitude, attitude is what portray our character. Having a positive attitude, nothing can stop you in your way to success and you will be so motivated and productive!

With the above Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude in place, eventually, no matter how slow you’re progressing, it’ll lead you to the last P.


The results are made by your mindset and attitude! So if your mindset and attitude is Positive, I have no doubt that the results will be positive as well! No matter what results you get in return, never give up being positive!

Let’s clear the week ahead of us with this 3Ps! Set your weekly goals and let’s hustle like there’s no tomorrow!

If you want positive results, you got to work positively.

Perry Soh