Day 33/100 of my Diet Challenge! At some point in time, there are bound to be set backs, obstacles and limitations that prevent us from going further in our journey to success. Most often, people give up and head back to where they initially started and stopped there. However, the top percentage people, they re-evaluate what they’re doing and break through every possible set backs, obstacles and limitations.

Giving up is extremely easy especially when you’re feeling down or when you’re at your lowest point in life. Looking forward and continuing the journey is extremely difficult and all we have to do is to sit ourselves down, take a piece of paper or an electronic device and write everything out.

Re-evaluate everything that is stopping us from going further and brainstorm on how to change this set back into the advantage that can bring us towards the next step in our journey. Prioritize the most important task first, achieve it and move on to the next, so on and so forth!

Never give up on anything during the period where you’re feeling extremely low or down. Before you know it, this downfall will be over and you’ll see yourself even more motivated than ever! Make it a lesson learnt and a point of motivation!

In the darkest hours, there are always a slight glimpse of light that will guide you through, hold on to that and never have the thought of giving up! The destination will be absolutely beautiful. Trust the process and keep going, no matter how tough anything is!

Never give up when you’re in a difficult situation. Instead, Re-evaluate.

Perry Soh