A Good Day To Have Salad!

Day 34/100 of my Diet Challenge and today is the first time I ever had Salad for dinner! Special thanks to my fiancee for planning my diet + workout plan and for buying dinner for me today!

After a long discussion day with my boss, I’m exhausted but seeing my fiancee after work and having good food really replenishes the energy I needed to end the remaining of the day off! I didn’t know what to eat for dinner and I asked my fiancee to plan it for me, not only for today but for everyday.

It’s our journey to being slim and fit together and of course to look even better for future! After some planning, she devised a workout plan and diet plan for me to try it out and it’s in place immediately. First time having salad with avocado dressing for dinner and it is refreshing, filling and delicious! Indeed a good day to have salad!

It’s all about having determination and the right mindset to push through these 100 days of dieting! I got to admit, I love eating as well! So let’s push through together and never let any opportunity that comes to you, go away!

Be determined, be consistent,

Perry Soh