Stay Devoted To Your Family!

Day 37/100 of my diet challenge! Finally caught a movie after half a year and this movie taught us always be devoted to your family apart from 3 other virtues, being brave, being true and being loyal.

Family is what brought all of us together and always being there together for each other no matter the circumstances. Family means enjoying every single moment and memories together.

You might not have noticed but our parents are slowly aging as the day goes and it’s our absolute duty to be there with them just like how they’re there with us when we are young. They gave all they had to bring us up to where we are today.

No more words can describe how you should treat your aging parents and how much you should care about your family. No matter what happens, family comes first! Let’s do our part and give our parents the best life they could ever have!

It’s the time of the day again where we set our weekly goals and achieve it! Always remember to keep working harder than usual and always be positive!


Perry Soh