Positively Busy!


Day 50/100 of my Diet Challenge and today I finally got the time to post after 2 weeks of hustling and grinding over the new project!

Over the last 2 weeks, grueling meetings with vendors and authorities to meet the requirements of Cyber-Security yet so much information is still missing at this stage. Despite this obstacle that we’re facing, my boss and I worked hand in hand and thought through every possible solutions and managed to give a solid presentation to the authorities!

This is an eye opener experience, starting a brand new project from scratch is never easy and then, I got sucked into an existing project that encountered issues. So for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been working early mornings and late evenings to solve a redundancy issue in a server.

Hustle, hustle and hustle, never even once I had the thought of giving up, I found the solution, tested and it worked! Explained and managed to close the test case off! That was one of my greatest achievements I’ve made in my life!

Without the support of my lovely Fiancee, I would never have completed all of the above, back to back meetings and troubleshooting. Love overcomes all adversities, cherish your loved ones and never neglect them!

Presentation is over, a key date has been met and I have the luxury to take a short break before facing another storm. Let’s keep our heads high and never look down on ourselves, because we will never know how much we are capable of if we stopped right now!

Have a lovely weekend and let’s make it the best weekend ever yet again!

Don’t stop now, else you will never know how much you are capable of.

Perry Soh