Little Things That Makes Up Your Life!

Sometimes we thought that we have to go through major events and celebration to feel contented and happy. Nevertheless, after getting those major events and celebrations, often we still feel that it’s never enough. Deep down in our heart lies with our greed, we kept wanting more but actually, the things that matters the most are the little things that your loved ones give you.

Little things matters the most but why? It’s so little and nobody will notice. Agreed and that’s exactly why it matters the most. No one but yourself will notice all those little things that are done for you, filling your heart up bit by bit, just like a jigsaw puzzle. The more you fix, the more it becomes beautiful.

Don’t let those major events and celebrations overwhelm your little appreciative heart and don’t compare yourself to others. You live your own life and not theirs. Everyone have their own story and not necessary you must be in their story. Make your story the best version out of you, always compare yourself to the one that you were the day before.

Make little improvements, day by day and soon enough, you’ll see the big difference. Small actions are still actions and it’s better than no action. A detail that is so small, almost invisible to the naked eye can make one happy. Never belittle those little things. Those little things are what takes up the highest percentage of happiness.

Especially when you know that your loved ones are always by your side, supporting and cheering you on. You don’t need a fancy lifestyle or a luxurious lifestyle to be happy. All you need is your loved ones by your side, having a roof above your head and most importantly, be contented with what you have. These little things will let you experience the happiness that you’ve never experience before.

Appreciate these little gestures and in return, do it to those that you love. Never take them for granted! Always remember, attending major events and celebrations will always give you short term happiness but being with your loved ones, doing those little things with them, spending time with them will give you long term happiness. Cherish!