Things To Do during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

COVID cases are rising in Singapore and things are not looking very good at this point of time. Some of my planning are affected and it might even be delayed. Stay home as much as you can, that is the best way to give back to the community for now! During this period of time where working from home is default, here are some of the things you can do.

  1. Build Up New Skills
    During this time we are not required to make the travel to our office at the respective areas, which really save up a lot of time to prepare and travel. Make use of the time to engage yourself into new courses for upgrading of your skills and also to increase your knowledge capacity.
  2. Exercise
    Keep up a healthy lifestyle, take a portion of the 24 hours per day to keep yourself in shape, such that you will not fall sick and get tire easily. Exercising may be exhausting and some might feel lazy, just like how I felt every time I have the thought of exercise.

    One thing I realized during the time I did not bother exercising and munching away was that I wasn’t able to walk as fast as the time I was in good shape and I felt tired everyday. Health almost became an issue for me. Thankfully I jumped back on track and starting workout.
  3. Build Side Businesses
    Due to the COVID constrains and measures, most of the things we can’t do physically but hang on, there are always things to do virtually, such as investments, e-commerce or drop shipping businesses. You have a skillset that you are so familiar with that it is able to sell as a service, head on to Fiverr and list it down.

    Relying on the paycheck every month surely is leading us on the road to poverty and no one wants that to happen. Start doing things that will provide you as a secondary source of income such that in times of unfortunate events, you will not be the one panicking, losing your cool and not sure of what to do. It is okay to take small steps because it is definitely better than taking no steps at all.
  4. Prepare Your Own Meals
    Now that dining in is restricted, it’s time to hone your cooking skills at home. Preparing your own breakfast, lunch and dinner will allow you to control what you are intaking, especially if you are on a diet. Your loved ones will also feel the love that you gave when cooking the meals.

    Also, do support your residential hawker stalls too sometimes! Do not forget to burn those calories! Lower the risk of getting infected by COVID as much as you can.
  5. Spend Time With Your Family
    Ever since we starting our lives as working adults, the time we get to spend with our family shortens by way too much. Most of our time are spent on doing work, overtime and even night shifts, which we rarely get to interact and communicate with our family.

    This is the time to build that bond up again, especially with our beloved parents that did all they could to raise us up. Spend the time with them, never neglect your family and your loved ones because you will never know, when is the last time they will see you and vice versa. It’s too late for regrets when they are gone.

    So once the time is up, work will never be finished, keep your work aside and spend quality time with them and you will feel so much happier!

The list goes on, there are so many things that we can do during this period but it’s up to individual to decide, what kind of things they do will be the best for them. This period is definitely tough, but let’s help each other out, we will get through everything together!

Stay safe and practice safe distancing not just to protect yourself but also to protect those around you.