No Time To Waste!

Every now and then, the amount of time we get for personal development is lesser and lesser. Before we even know it, we are engulfed into our own commitments deeply. As I scrolled through my social media, I came across an image that shows if we wake up 2 hours earlier, we will get a month extra of time and with that we could do a lot of things.

2 hours earlier is not easy, every day we commit ourselves to work and personal development. Sometimes we have to cater time for our family and loved ones as well. No matter how tough it is, family and loved ones are number one priority. Time cannot be wasted on unnecessary things here.

It’s also been a long time since I last posted anything because my hands are tied with my new job. Being a consultant for IT Security at a new company is extremely tough. Not only I have to adapt to the company’s culture, the way the company works and the style that the team adopts, I also have to improve myself and leave my comfort zone, to reach a level that is equivalent to theirs and even higher.

Any wastage of time is essentially a killer to me because all of the dreams and goals that I set will be delayed because of myself wasting that few seconds or minutes. In order not to waste any time, draft a forecast either daily or weekly. If weekly doesn’t work well for you, draft it out daily the night before and try your best to follow it strictly. That will save you time and your productivity level will be increased drastically.

I hope everyone is doing extremely well and all the best to those that just started their careers! Please continue to stay safe, manage your time wisely and organize your schedule to the best fit!

Time wasted is an Opportunity missed.

Perry Soh