Every now and then people kept mentioning that they cannot find the motivation to get them to do the stuff they are supposed to do in a day. I totally can relate to them because some days, I really do not feel any motivation coming in to me and for me to complete any of my tasks on hand. Till I realize that, what I was lacking wasn’t motivation, but what I was lacking was DISCIPLINE.

Why is Discipline so important? First of all discipline prevents us from procrastinating. We have a task to complete, having the discipline will allow us to complete it as how we have planned for it to be. Discipline is the first driving factor that keeps us going through all the hardships. Many successful people in the world doesn’t rely on luck and motivation. They have a goal and purpose in mind and they have the discipline to keep working till the day the reached their goal and the day they achieved their purpose.

Motivation can only get you this far but discipline will get you even further than you planned. On days that things doesn’t go your way, don’t be discouraged, uphold your discipline and still go through the day completing the tasks on hand. One bad day or moment does not mean that your life is bad. It only means you are leveling up!

Don’t be mistaken that if you have the discipline, you don’t need motivation. Motivation is what your goals are, what you want to achieve and the discipline is what it takes for you to achieve your goals! Discipline and Motivation walks hand-in-hand. For you to move further in life, you got to have the discipline to work towards your goal. That is the only motivation we will only need!

Each and every step in your journey towards your success, there will always be hurdles and obstacles, have the discipline to push past your limits and never give in to your fear of failure. Success can only be obtained with the right lessons in your journey and that includes making mistakes! We learn from our mistakes and ensure that they are transformed into experiences for us to move forward in life!

Now, set your purpose in life, set your goals and have the discipline to work hard for it every day, every moment till you achieve your goals! That is the only motivation we will ever need, the discipline to achieve our goals! Whatever you have in mind that you really want to achieve, do it and remember to stay safe given the current situation!

Discipline is your Master Key

Perry Soh