Nothing Is Actually Easy!

Most of the times when I can’t fall asleep, I will tend to dive deep into my own thoughts, thinking why most of the things seemed easy to others but extremely difficult for me. Never did I realize that others have been repetitively doing the same things over and over again and I am doing it for the first time.

At first glance, it seemed easy, but nothing is actually easy. I began to put myself into others’ shoes and started thinking, how much did they go through to reach the level they are today, it really is an eye opener for me. It is worth learning what are the processes that they have been through and any mistakes that they made throughout this entire journey.

People that often make mistakes didn’t do it intentionally, most of the times is because they really don’t know what exactly is required to be done and most of the times, there are no proper guidance as well. Therefore it is perfectly normal to make mistakes, as long as we don’t repetitively make the same mistakes.

What we got to do after we make certain mistakes, instead of running away, is to face it and see how we can learn from it. Our best teachers are often not the people that teaches us, but are the mistakes that we often make. Sometimes it can be those decisions that ends up being a mistake.

Do not be demoralized, because all humans aren’t perfect. Mistakes are bound to be made, only sooner or later no matter how careful we are. We are not 100% perfect but it’s what our imperfections that makes us perfect. Instead of thinking of running away, how about we twist our mindset and think “How can we learn from it?”.

Like I mentioned before, if we can be positive in any negative situations, we are the truly successful ones. Conquer your mindset and you can conquer anything in life. Let us stay positive throughout our life, life is too short for us to be regretting over the bad decisions and mistakes that we have made. Move on and learn from it!