My First Drawing on iPad!

My drawings are not really good to begin with, since young I have loved drawing and will always doodle on my textbooks or any blank pieces of paper. In this post I will show my first ever digital drawing, if you have splendid ways of improving for me, please feel free to drop some comments for me!

The iPad that I used was the very basic 10.2-inch iPad with a paper like screen protector to give it the feel of actually drawing it on a piece of paper. I enjoyed watching anime and one of it was Naruto and all the Naruto fans out there knew that this character was actually lost in his journey and he turned to his evil side before finding himself back. So here’s a first try drawing only Obito’s mask and eye. Please pardon me for my lack of drawing skills.

Digital Drawing on iPad using Procreate of Uchiha Obito (Mask and Sharingan only)

During our free time, we are often the ones limiting to what we can do. In fact, if we took a short lunch break and continued on our personal development, the amount of things that we can do is really more that what we expected.

Keep going, push through every single day and never give up even on the slightest glimpse of hope. Have faith that things will get better every single day!