You Cannot Compare Yourself to Others!

Hey there everyone! Have you ever compared yourself to someone else and you felt really at the lowest point in your life thinking like “why is their life so easy and mine is so difficult?”. Have you ever let negative thoughts sink you down to the bottom and you struggled to get back up?


We never should let these negative thoughts affect our daily life, especially if you are comparing yourself with another person. Everyone have their own battle to fight and not everyone is going through an easy journey. Imagine, I am working in the Cyber Security Industry and you are working in the Business Industry. My perspective will be “Wow, you are so carefree, you arrange your own schedule and always seen having luxury items.”. That perspective of mine is totally wrong right? It is because I don’t know how much work you have done to get yourself to that level!

Likewise, you are looking at me and thinking “He is in the Cyber Security Industry, he seems very relaxed everyday.”. However, if you put yourself in my shoes, you will realized that actually none of us are relaxed everyday, each and everyone of us have our own struggles that no one else knows about. Ultimately, we can’t let all these comparison thoughts affect how we live our life, how we work towards our goals and achieve our dreams.

Drop these thoughts and you will realize that, hey, actually life isn’t as difficult as you have expected. The more struggles you go through, the stronger you get, you will gain more knowledge and experience along the way and you moved to the next level. How you want to live your life is entirely up to you but life is too short to be troubled by troubles that will always be there. Feed yourself with positive thoughts every morning before you start the day off.

The more positive thoughts you have, the better your days will get. If it is applicable for your situation, you can always expect the worse because anything else will be a bonus. Let’s stay safe, play a part for your community and let’s create a life that is filled with positive energy and meaning to it!

The more you give your love, the more you get happiness and wealth in return.

Perry Soh