Everyday Opportunities!

Opportunities don’t come by chance, when you are given an opportunity, grab it! Once you missed the opportunity given, there will never be a second time or a next time. Ever since the beginning after my journey in NS, I believe that as long as I work hard for it, I will be given the opportunities, and yes I was given a few!

Sometimes it may not be the things that we really wanted but give it a thought, what if that something, will change your perspective of life and thereafter, change your life? Most of the times when we think that hey, this isn’t something I want but in actual fact, it might be something that you need.

Often we let our judgement make most of the decisions right? Yeah that’s what I did almost every time when I had the opportunity. I will always tell my partner, “Hey babe, I think this is good, I’m accepting it.”. However, after which I gave it some thoughts and write down the PROS and CONS of this opportunity, it really helps me to decide. It is no longer “I think” but it is now “I’ll take it”.

Really, sometimes what you think will always be good, turns out to be the opposite. Don’t want to take any more risk at this time of your life? Write down the PROS and CONS just like how we did and you’ll see light to your decision and choice. It really helps to narrow down on the options. Instead of having a good option, now you have your best option.

All of us are humans and we are given different opportunities every day. The opportunity to learn something new, the opportunity to give back to community, the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and most importantly, the opportunity to live and enjoy our lives! Opportunities are lying all around, surrounding us, it is for us to get out and grab it!

What are we waiting for? Let us get out of our comfort zone and grab more new opportunities given to us! Learning never stops, the more we learn, the better we get, the higher level we attain. It’s already Mid of the Year and we got to keep being productive every day, for the people around us and for our future. Let’s Go!

Opportunity is every where. Grab it!

Perry Soh