Get Out Of Toxic Environment!

It is very common for us to get trapped in a toxic environment whereby we often find ourselves no way out of it. My definition of toxic environment is an environment that will affect me not physically, but mentally and emotionally causing me to have negative thoughts almost everyday.

Getting out of this kind of environment will be crucial because not only our health will be affected, everyone around us will be affected by our negativity as well. Imagine waking up to your loved ones, but you knew you have to work and your mood changed from good to bad. That is awful right? If knowing you have to work makes you happy, congratulations, you have found yourself the correct environment where each day you look forward to another, else, like me, we have to get out of it as soon as we can!

Normally, when we are stuck in a toxic environment, we will most of the times feel dreadful and negative. Sometimes it is the work or job scope but mainly it is the culture and people in that organisation that either makes it enjoyable or toxic and miserable. For my case, it was the people that strictly followed the culture of committing more than 80% of their time for work. This has affected me in 2 ways, no time for my family and no time for personal development because most of my time is spent on work, every day till late night.

It has come to a point whereby my mind is clearly having negative thoughts everyday. The thought of leaving this environment as soon as I can but I’m currently stuck here due to financial commitments. So how do I intend to take the full advantage of this toxic environment to be a better me and of course, regain my positive mindset? I did 1 thing that changed my style of working. That is to leave on time, my colleagues asks, “Why you leave so early? Still have so much to do.”

My answer to them is very simple, I took a deep breath and explained it in very simplified terms that they will understand. “I have my own commitments, other than work, I have so many things else to take care of, are you going to do it for me or who is going to do it for me if I stayed back and continued working, neglecting my commitments?”. They kept quiet and I took my leave. Sometimes we got to muster our courage and say “NO” to toxic people that are polluted with the toxic culture.

Work is never ending to be brutally honest, it will come towards us at a constant pace without us even knowing. We have to find the balance in our live and definitely cannot neglect those around us, especially our aged parents and family. Times are hard now but eventually it will be better. I reminded myself everyday, “I can find another job if I lose my job, but if I lose my family, I can’t find another family.” From then on, I twitched my focus to my Family, loved ones and personal development more than work.

With that change in my lifestyle, I became happier and more cheerful each day even though I still have that tiny bit of negativity in my mind. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! Be consistently positive to have a happy life!

The more you feed your negative thoughts, the more you will become unhappy with everything.

Perry Soh