Doing Things You Hate!

Hey everyone! Welcome onboard to my blog once again, in this post we will be talking about how to handle and do the things you absolutely hate. Yeah I know, it sucks big time but trust me, everything has a bright side to it, even the most meticulous things.

Doing things you hate is simply wasting all the time you have for some other things that are productive, yes I definitely agree to it. What if I tell you, there’s a bright side to the things you hate doing? Example, I hate reading, but in actual fact, I can learn much more by reading everyday. I’m not saying that ALL things we hate doing will have the bright side. It’s ultimately up to us to prioritize and determine which things have a positive value residing deep down.

Once we have the list of the things we hate doing, in the order of importance, we can slowly branch out the positive things that are there. Not all things have positive value but also, it’s up to us to change our mindset and perceive it.

Some things that we hate to do are actually teaching us lessons in life that we will not be able to learn from our teachers in school. Some lessons that we can learn from it will be converting our struggles into determination, discipline and perseverance.

Imagine I am doing some cybersecurity related items for customer and my vendors that I engaged doesn’t know how to do, I ended up hating to do what I love. It’s not because of my vendors that I hated it, but it’s because I don’t understand how the items work that leads to myself hating it.

You see, it’s all in our mindset. No matter how negative life gets, it does not mean it’s the time we give up on our life, it does not mean our life will not get better, NO IT DOES NOT! It’s all in our minds that we feel it’s negative towards us. For a start, I did something that have the same logic as “selective hearing”. What I did was “selective negativity” to certain things that does not deem fit to be in my life. Yes that is called removing the toxics in our life!

Removing those toxics can improve our lives and perspective way better, the things you look at will start to have more vibrant colors, the mood you set every start of the day will be much more cheerful and it’s something to look forward to.

We have to also remember, life is not only about us. What makes our imperfect life perfect is the positive people around us, our parents, family, true friends and our loved ones that are constantly giving us, love. We are only a small part of the life that we paint. Show them your monster but never take it out on them, tell them your pain and they will definitely chase your problems away.

What makes our imperfect life perfect, are something that we can’t see, love.

Perry Soh