Make Full Use of Time!

Hello everyone! The time given to us are all the same regardless of which country or region you are in, all of us are given 24 hours a day. How we utilise it solely depends on how we manage and plan out our time.

Ever wonder why some people can be so successful, carrying luxurious brands, driving luxurious cars and living a luxurious life? It may look so simple on their social media pages but what we do not know is the amount of time and effort they put into their work. Not many of us are business or entrepreneurial minded but we too, can achieve financial freedom. It starts with us managing our time wisely and properly.

The more we understand and know how to manage and organise our time, the more the things we can do. You will simply be amazed on how much things can be achieved in a short span of time. Take for example if we wake up everyday at 5AM for 1 week while the rest wakes up around 6AM to 7AM averagely, we will have 5 hours extra per week that will allow us to do more things than the others.

I will personally recommend that we wake up earlier instead of working a bit later, however the choice and options are ultimately dependent on you. I always prefer waking up earlier because at 5AM, the neighbourhood and environment are so peaceful and quiet that you can really focus and concentrate, be it meditating or planning for your day or even reading a book. For the first few days you will be so exhausted mentally but the more you do it, the more it will become a muscle memory and eventually you will be used to it.

An hour extra can be fully utilised to ensure that you start off your day well and you end off your day being productive throughout. In order to have a smooth transition throughout the day in between periods, you got to plan your time ahead, preferably the night before you head for your beauty sleep. Rehearse it a few times on the things that are required to be done for the day and better still, track it in your calendar with reminders 15 minutes prior to the next activity. This way you will tend to be more focused instead of procrastinating.

Time is given to us equally, so it is really up to us to decide how many hours per day we want to fully utilise it. Sometimes, for things that we want to achieve, some sacrifices are inevitable. Successful people work twice as hard or even thrice as hard as average people and they work really smart because they had their time managed well and their day planned out way ahead. They knew what they are going to do prior to the day.

Let us go one step at a time, do not rush anything because it will only mess you up even further if you are already in a very messed up state. Take a deep breath, plan it out digitally or physically, write it down somewhere on the things that you need to do and prioritise accordingly, from the most important to the least. Block out the time where you need to go for your full time job and ensure that the rest of the time of that day is filled with the things you need to do, not for anyone but purely for yourself to achieve your goals.

Let us all be successful together! I know the people reading my blog posts are smarter and better than I am and I have faith that you guys will definitely achieve the success and goals that you planned for yourself! Always remember, the more you know how to manage your time, the more you will get things done, your way. Stay safe and healthy, take care everyone!

The more you know how to manage your time, the more you will get things done.

Perry Soh