Do Everything with Love!

Hello everyone! Welcome to another blog post, in this post we will be talking about doing everything in life, but with love. Love is a difficult thing to feel and it is even more difficult to give, especially to the things that we are doing for someone else and to someone else that we are strangers to.

Imagine, you are already dreading to do the work for your boss or company and you really have no choice because you need the income for your own sustainability. It hurts deep down right? However, what if we tweak our mindset, instead of thinking we are doing for someone else which in fact we are, think of it as we are doing it for ourselves. The things that they are not doing now will not allow them to gain more knowledge.

I understand that everyone will disagree because after all we need to present what we have done to them, so equally they are gaining knowledge as well. However, did you realise that the more you present, the more you will learn instead of them? All they will do is to question the things you present that allows you to think even deeper. One of the main reasons they will question is not because they want you to know, it is because they want you to find out for them which in return, you will gain more knowledge for yourself.

At this point of time, you are already feeling so low and everything seems to be boring because you got scrutinised during that few hours of presentation, it does not stop you from doing the things you are required to do, with love. Loving what you do is equally important, but giving love in everything you do will make a difference.

Everything will become more positive, the more you hate it, the worse it gets. The more you love it, the more you give it love, the better it gets. Life is all about giving without asking anything in return to those who need it more than you do. You give them your love, they will love you back in their own way. You give love to your plants, they will grow to be even more beautiful than you expected. You treat and give animals love, they will show you the friendliest side that you will never see.

The unexpected happiness and wealth comes from within, it comes when you decided that love is the key factor that will gear everything together. Remind yourself everyday, you may hate the things that you are currently doing now, but if you do it with love, you will start to love the things you hate to do. Not everyone is perfect and not everyone is willing to give love to the things they do. The moment you start giving love, your life will slowly come together.

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