My Key to Happiness!

Hello everyone! Recently there are some struggles and hard times that I have to go through but through this tough journey, I have found and realized the key to my own happiness, Family. It may not seem true but trust me, every time when I have the chance to talk to my parents and my loved one, be it simple or deep talk, I will feel enlightened and happy afterwards.

I have tried various methods to keep myself and mood positive at every point of time, but I must say, almost every time I was on the verge of giving up. This is an extreme test of my perseverance and determination isn’t it? It is so hard and difficult to keep being positive at every situation, I got to agree. However, we can conquer it by talking it out with someone very dear to you and someone that you can place your trust on.

Holding it within myself will not work for long, especially when I am undergoing some toxic transitions that will significantly decrease my positive vibes. In order to be truly happy, I have to find a way to throw all of these negative thoughts out and fill myself up with positive thoughts. The only way that I found effective for me, is to talk to my loved ones and family.

Loved ones and Family will always be there for you, giving you the encouragement and support you need. They will always make time to give you their listening ear and advises you the best things and decision that you can make after hearing you out. At least they understand how I felt after I talked it out with them and yes, I felt so much better.

Most of the times we dwell in the negative situation for too long, we will get used to it and eventually our lives will be 90% negative vibes, every where we go. We do not want that kind of live at all! What we want is happiness, endless and limitless happiness! When you have troubles, talk it out with someone that will make you feel comfortable, someone that will make you feel better and someone that is willing to listen to you.

How you define your happiness is dependent on what you do and how you do it. Only you can find your key to your happiness! Let’s go find it now! Stay safe and healthy and I hope all of you are feeling happy every day, endlessly and limitlessly!

My Family and Loved Ones are my key to Happiness.

Perry Soh