Give Your Loyalty!

Hello Everyone! Spoiler Alert! I recently watched “The Legend of White Snake” and this series is indeed very touching where it shows a man that stayed true to this lady even though midway in the series he lost his memory but he ended up falling in love with the same lady again. This is what loyalty and true love is.

Sometimes it is the small little things that our partners do for us, that often we might not notice and even neglects it. It’s the small little things that build the imperfect relationship into a beautiful, blissful and perfect relationship. Not necessary a relationship must consist of luxurious life, branded goods and expensive meals. What matters most is both gender loving each other whole-heartedly and giving each other the truest love they can ever give.

Life will be at the happiest when you give your all and ask for no return at all because all that matters is that smile on your partner’s face. Just that little smile when you wake up and before you head to bed will be the sweetest thing and an energy booster for each and every day. With love brings happiness and wealth, always remember that!

We do not need to wait till Valentine’s day, partner’s birthday or anniversary to make your partner feel loved. Make it count everyday! Every day will be the day that you started chasing your other half, never stop chasing your partner, do it as if he or she is still not yours yet! Put in the effort to do the things that he or she will not expect you to do, you will realize that he or she will love you even more deeply than you ever can feel.

Even after you got married, your wife or husband still wants to feel loved and be loved by you, he or she will always be your partner and bestfriend but never neglect them. We don’t want to have a life full of regrets right? No one does! Don’t let small things ruin your perfect relationship with each other. All of us are humans, we will never be perfect but it is our imperfection of each other that bonds and build this perfect relationship.

Surprise your husband or wife and tell them this to give them the assurance of your love to he or she, “Even if it takes another thousand years for me to be together with you, I will wait till the very end.”. Now don’t just say, but mean what you say because words are nothing until you proved what you said to your partner. I will likewise say it to my partner because she is all that I have, other than my family and friends.

Shower your partner with tons of love every single day because every day, with your partner by your side, will be the sweetest blessing that you can ever wish for. Cherish it to the very end and never let it this perfect life that you created leave you and your partner!

Even if it takes another thousand years, I will wait till the very end.


Xu Xian from The Legend of White Snake