Take A Break!

Hello everyone! Often we find ourselves mentally exhausted from our day to day routines but it is always appropriate to take a break to relax our minds from all the exhaustions. Taking a break is essential to maintain and stabilize our mental state.

However, only take a break when you really need to, else nothing will be done either! You know yourself best, so when you are about to reach a breaking point, be it physically or mentally, take a short break to relax yourself before continuing. Recharge yourself before you reach your breaking point, else everything will become negative and gradually you will feel stressed out. Worst still, you may even get depressed as each day goes by.

Start taking actions to safeguard your health, physically and mentally before anything happens. Health is the utmost priority now especially during this period of time. Without your health, you can’t achieve anything even if you have the time and money. Without your health, nothing is meaningful!

Live a healthy lifestyle for yourself to achieve greater things ahead of you. As important as physical health is, do not neglect your mental health as it is one of the key factor that will lead and bring you further. Feed it with positive energy every now and then, relax yourself such that your health will improve mentally, always thinking of positivity. Please do not wait until something happen to take action on achieving better mental and physical health.

Start with the most common things in life, diet. The food we eat, that goes into our mouth will either become medicine or poison to our body. Likewise, anything that goes into our mind with also either become medicine or poison. We got to treat our body like a diamond or a ultra-rare gem that cannot be found, simply because our body is given to us and it can never be replaced.

Health matters more than what we thought matters the most. Without a good health, nothing much can be done and the roads seemed shorter than before. Stay safe and stay healthy because with a good health physically and mentally, nothing is impossible!

Health matters more than anything.

Perry Soh