Focus On The Right Things!

Focus on the right things because when we focus on the wrong things, we will never move forward and will never improve beyond our limits. The more we focus on the wrong things, the longer we will stay put in our current position. Therefore we got to bring our focus back to track and focus on the right things.

Sometimes we will feel lost because we do not have a list of things that we want to focus. What we can do is to create a list of things that we need to do and thereafter sort them out according to priority and whether is it the right things to focus on.

Having a plan is better than having no plan! People that have a plan already knows what they are supposed to do in their mind for the next few days, weeks or even months. Comparing to those that does not have a plan, people with plans will more likely to focus on the right things!

However, we have to keep track and maintain our list of things because we will often lose track of it, drift off and get distracted. Write a list of things that you want to focus on, strike off those that is not required as of current circumstances, maintain that list and keep track on everything that you are doing and focusing.

Focusing on the right things is crucial because focusing on the wrong things is extremely time consuming. Large amount of precious time will be wasted just like that if we were to keep our focus on the wrong things. Plan it out, draft it and execute it!

The more we focus on the right things, time wasted will be significantly reduced.

Perry Soh