The Right One Always!

The right person will come to you at the right time, most believe that this will happen but I believe you have to work hard and put in 100% of your effort, then the right person or partner will start appearing in your life. Miracles work when you gave your all without thinking about having any returns.

How do we know if one person is the right one for us?

Based on Personal Experience:

Whenever you are around that person, you feel comfortable to be yourself, you don’t have to worry about how you look like with that person. That person will always make you feel like you are the best even though you may think that you are not. Most importantly, that person makes you feel loved, makes you feel that whenever you are with him or her, you are always smiling and happy.

You will feel happy meeting up with him or her and always excited to go on a date. First thing in your mind every morning will be that person and somehow or rather, you will find yourself caring for that person more than you even realized. Everything you do you will be thinking about the person along the journey and you always imagine them being part of your journey.

The right person will pull you up during your struggles and will push you even further during your success. He or she will always give you the support and always advise you on the things you should or should not do. The right person will have attention to small details of you and will be there whenever you need them.

Through tough times, if that person stayed by your side throughout, always cherish them and never neglect them. If he or she is willing to go through the journey with you no matter the circumstances, he or she deserve to be with you strive.

Never look at a person with your naked eyes, look at a person with your heart. The right one will always appear in your heart in anything that you do. Cherish, hold and appreciate him or her when he or she appears!

Don’t look at a person with the naked eyes, look at a person with your heart.

Perry Soh