Stop Being Lazy!

Being lazy is like living a comfortable life with nothing to worry about simply because you are lazy to do this and that and you decided to leave it to the next person to do. This is an extremely bad habit that I have as well. Especially when I have nothing to do, I tend to be so lazy,

Stop being lazy simply for a few reasons:

Being lazy will not get you far but instead it will get you further away from the goals that you set for yourself to achieve. More often we realize on the next day that we can actually finish the things we needed to do the day before but because of a bad habit, everything is snowballed.

You will always be in your comfort zone. Being lazy means you do not even feel like moving or doing anything that you are supposed to do because you are comfortable in that particular circumstance. That also means that you will be stagnant in that spot for a long time before something hits you hard and you decided that you got to be hardworking.

Things will always not be done. Just like staying in your comfort zone, you will not have the tendency or initiative to get things done because there will always be someone else to do it for you thus creating a lack or urgency for anything that is important.

Eventually, the more you stay in your comfort zone, the less productive you will be and gradually your efficiency level will drop down drastically. The rate of you getting things done will be slower and slower and before you even realize it, you are already getting complains, verbal warnings or even dislike from the people around you.

Stop being lazy, avoid all these bad habits and keep up the productivity level and efficiency level, do your best in everything that you can possibly do. Even if we feel that we are at our maximum productivity or efficiency, there will always be room for improvement.

Always be open to suggestions and advise from people around you because they can see things that we cannot see on ourselves. Learn from the pain points they are feeling and definitely you will stop being lazy at one point in your life and everything will start falling into place together!

Now, let us get rid of this extremely bad and hazardous habit from our life! Life is supposed to be meaningful and beautiful that brings the inner peace from within you and life is not supposed to be you being lazy and everybody else doing your part for you! Only you can make the best life for you!

No one can create your life for you but only you can.

Perry Soh