Achieving 100% Productivity!

At the end of the day, the best feeling is to feel that your day is actually productive despite having an extremely long day. Being productive is one of the key factor that actually gets you going further in life whereas having procrastinations will bring you further away from your goals. So here are some of my personal tips to achieve 100% productivity.

Planning a Schedule out

The schedule will depict the tasks and activities that you will be required to complete either at the end of the day or week. This schedule can be in a form of written or digital, it will also help to increase your productivity because you already know what you have to do beforehand, unless your schedule was drafted out at the very last minute. Plan a schedule the night before or every last day of the week.

List down all the tasks required to be completed for the day or week or both will be awesome. Give yourself a head start on what to expect for the entire of the upcoming week and mentally prepare yourself for any worst case scenario that can happen. Once you have the schedule out and your worst case scenarios, you can start to tackle those issues that you think you will face.

Write down within your schedule, what might happen and how you intend to address those situations. Always remember, save some alternatives if your method does not address to a certain situation. We win if we can make a negative situation into a positive one. Now, this schedule is your plan to conquer the day or week. Once you have the schedule out, do your best to stick with it unless inevitable changes are required.

Make full use of TechnologySet Reminders

Since now the times we are trying our very best to digitalize everything, why not make full use of the technology we have such as smart phones or tablets. It really depend on which method of reminding suits you more.

If writing out a reminder on a sticky note helps you more than relying on the calendar on your phone, do it. If setting it out in the calendar in your phone that is able to remind you 15 minutes prior to the activity is better for you, do it. Either way works because you get things done! Most importantly is we get the tasks completed. This way we will actually become more productive as the time passes by.

Every now and then the item that is constantly with us are not books and pens but instead, it’s our phones. We can make use of the calendar app in our phones to set reminders on the important activities 15 minutes prior or even a day prior to that particular activity. Normally I will set it to 1 hour before the activity to mentally prepare myself and also to give myself buffer time to prepare the necessary documents required.

Reminders are like another version of ourselves telling us to get the work done, just so that we will not suffer the consequences of poverty in the future. Our road is towards success and not poverty!

You can also set reminders every day to be positive at all situations and any reminders that will keep you productive for the time that you need to do work, be it office work or personal work. Time does not wait for anyone, instead, we shall let the time chase us! Nothing worthwhile comes easy!

Have the Right focus

Having the right focus will help to ensure that you will not procrastinate and always be efficient in the things that you do. If you are being efficient, you will start to be more and more productive as each day goes by.

To have no procrastination you must be disciplined and have the determination to finish what you started. Nothing is impossible. Everything may seem difficult at the start but gradually towards the end, everything will be easier because you are getting better at it. Most importantly, you are getting better at loving yourself and better at life.

The only focus we need now is to have the focus to complete the important tasks we set for everyday. You have a goal in mind, work towards that goal. Achieve your goal, be more than 100% productive!

The above are my personal experience on how I managed to achieve 100% productivity almost every day. We are humans, we can never be perfect but it is our actions that we take every that makes us, the day and the moment perfect. Stay safe and take good care of yourself and everyone around you!