Be The Reason People Smile!

Everyone have their own reasons to smile and not to smile but it is important that you are the one that makes them smile no matter what circumstances or situation they are in. You are the main reason why, every time they see you, they smile.

Please do not be mistaken that whoever that smiles at you takes interest in you, some smile because of basic courtesy and some smile because you have that positive energy within you that draws out their positive energy that leads them to smiling when they see you or around you.

Positive energy are highly contagious and can influence people around you to make different choices and decision that will be better to them. Often people will make the wrong decisions because in their mind it is 90% negative energy and 10% positive energy.

Yes these people exists and they will do their very best to influence you to be as negative as them, Some will be jealous of you that they start using your emails to register for anything that they want but they aren’t capable of. Using your name instead of their own, trying to bring you down.

However, what we can do is, continue our lives knowing that there will always be people chasing after you, stealing your identity to do something that they feel is right. All we have to do is to keep our heads high, the more they push us down, the higher the chances of us getting up and moving further in life.

Never be affected by these people because they will be the ones that lead you to making bad decisions that might even cause you your very own life. Always have positive thoughts, thinking that whatever they do, they are helping you in a way that we do not see. Be grateful to them when you become successful!

People will change and eventually those people that once tried to ruin your life, will give up knowing that it is pointless, meaningless and they have just wasted their own precious time trying to make things difficult for us but in actual fact, they helped us to see where our weakness at. Thank them and stay safe throughout this pandemic, never assume that it is over until it really is over!